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Mike Divemaster Andaman Sea Gulf of Thailand Similan PhiPhi Birma Surin Sipidan Bonaire Highlights Manta Ray Whale Shark Bull Shark Leopard Shark Turtle Unicorn fish Ghost Pipefish, Nemo;-)
Comments: “Great dive, easy going not a race. Very enjoyable to observe the sealife at my own pace. Thanks Mike!” Jeff Phillips, Chicago, IL, USA. “killer diver, relaxing, found my buoyancy, sea life, tingled my skin” Matthew Leffingwell “lefty” Washington DC. “Wonderful dive. Took time to really observe the marine life, gave freedom to explore. Thank you !” Simona Shubov, NY. “Went slow took time to be able to see everything. Awesome that I started using less air in my tank. Great Divemaster.” “Mike was nice and patient. He took his time swimming so we got a good long dive. He was good pointing out marine life and finding interesting things to see” Easy dive. Always fun to dive with you. Mike Thank you” Kei, Japan. He grappigerd, je moet ons volgende keer niet zo laten schrikken met bommen die onderwater ontploffen [signal for porcupine puffer fish] Carla Stenvers Amsterdam. Ferry Groningen: ontspannen; duidelijk; rustig; oplettend. Sven Danish: good instructions, calm, easy & nice 😉 Specialty instruction: Well explained instructions, fun to do, very patient. Mike is as calm as the water surrounding us. Helpful when i needed it. Diving with Mike is a nice combination of theory and practice.” Thomas Bollen NL. Fighting sharks

Diving is Safe keep it Safe Dive only with Experienced Emergency First Response Oxygen Provider INSTRUCTOR on board Emergency First Aid – Rescue manager since 1981

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