Internet in Thailand

First thing you need when you want to make a blog is internet. Living on the island of Koh Tao for almost a year I know that it is just good luck to have any internet connextion. Koh Tao is in the middle of the Ocean Gulf of Thailand. By ferry 5 hours from mainland Surat Thani. The other island I am living is Phuket. Phuket is really close to the mainland and connected by bridge. On Phuket internet is available most of the time but not really fast. So looking for a fast connextion -more than 1 Mb/s you have to pay a lot more.  I decided to take an offer for internet up to 10Mbs thru fiberoptical. I paid a lot for installation BUT still have only something like 0,5Mbs. Keyword is “working proces” it is taking the provider already several months to fix the problem. Sometimes it is hard to stay patience after 3 months. Meanwhile I am happy that I HAVE some internet most of the time.

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