When I was a young boy I joint a club that just got a computer. It needed only 1 room of 50 sq.m. for its bits and bites. In 1991 when I studied in Berkeley my friends from the Technical Department could send a message to an other University like MIT. It took only a few minutes before the receiver got the message and replied with the same dazzling speed. The University where I was teaching got in 1995 a system that made online video images, you did not have to go next door any more to debate face to face. And see here I am blogging. Since I use to be interviewed for National TV I might even start a YouTubeChannel. If this all is appreciated I don’t know. I show you YouTube work of KurtHugoSchneider an undergraduate student. The Berkeley1991’s creative online spirit still exists. Universities are such inspiring places!! Where the future has been made today

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