Religious Police

Walking in Banda Aceh you will see that everybody keep strictly to the Islamic rules. All women wear a kerchief, men cover their upper legs for sure and no drinking. Friday at noon the city is desolated because all men have to attend the prayers in the Grant Mosque. As a foreigner you adapt to the local customs and dress accordingly. Walking down the road I was invited by a man in uniform to see his office. Going up the stairs he was talking to all the other uniformed men & women. Then we arrived in his small office that was totally filled up with officers soon after my arrival. Then the questions started, where are you from, what is your name, where you stay etc. A -according to his stars and stripes- high officer arrived and with him a lady who actually could speak English. She told me that I was now in the headoffice of the Religious Police. About 70 men and women look after that all Muslim act according to the Islamic rules. Especially they watch the youngsters at night on the beach road. After the Tsunami their were many foreigners and more officers good speak English. Nowadays seeing a foreigner was a touristic attraction for this police officers. They good speak English and I got a training by at least 20 officers about there work.

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