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  1. marvin lehmann says:

    Here my reference for mike who hosted me. I came to Phuket island and mike picked me up at the highway after many calls to find out my location. I really enjoyed staying at his place, he showed me the local market, was trying to help me with my ear infection. What I enjoyed the most was the interesting conversations we had sitting outside at the pool. I hope to meet him again, he is a very funny and nice guy….. thank you mike!!:)

  2. Going by sleeping bus in Vietnam. There are two ways to travel long distance in Vietnam. One is taking a night train from Saigon to as far as Hue or Hanoi. The train has sleeping cabins with 2 or 3 levels beds. The first is called soft berth and has more space to sit upright for long western travelers. The hard berth cabins has 6 beds and the space between the levels is not enough to sit upright for any adult traveler.
    The other way to travel is by sleeping bus. There are a million companies and I will just tell the company you should NOT take. The company “CUC Tung” with licence 79N-0543 running from Nha Trang to Saigon is not good at all. During my trip the onboard toilet was locked and they did not stop for at a toilet during the 12 hours journey. Also the Wifi did not work and there was no blanket. Knowing that any bus will put there airconditioner as a freezing cold temperature a blanket is a necessity to survive. Like many companies it is hard to find a staff that speaks English but the rude way this bus staff was acting gave a really bad experience. A few more things to keep in mind if you travel by bus is that the space for feet bigger than size 40 is not high enough to put your feet in upright position. The berth at the back of the buses is not high enough to put your chair in a upright position. There are many companies that supply a better service so cruise around for good travelers experiences. We had a much better experience with the Quang Hanh company that runs buses between Nha Trang and HoChiMinh (saigon), Danang, Hoi and Van Gia. Travel fares are about 300000 VND or $15.

  3. Sascha says:

    I met Mike by chance in KL while couch surfing and had one of the best conversations with him which opened my eyes. He is a wise man, he told me to never go back and to never go forward, just to go with the flow. Never expect and never plan. Just live. After these words it was so hard for me to arrive back in the western world, realizing how hard it is to actually “live” and how many people around here fail to do so.
    Western culture has a lot to learn. Thank you, Mike.

  4. Andres says:

    Mike: He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it.
    Mike taught me about live in present, the guy you could really talk for such long time about many wide range of subject, Mike accompany to Mosque of Celebrating Ied Qurban.
    Mike :is the one in whose understanding and virtue we can equally confide, and whose opinion we can value at once for its justness and its sincerity.

  5. mike guided me for couple of days in Phuket;
    He know it better then Thai itself, it was the most exciting vacation I ever had, we went to local market, ate the famous Thai delicacy.
    Mike knew the best nook and turn in Phuket, thank you Mike for guiding me.

  6. Inge says:

    Hi Mike!
    Thank you so much for arranging the Open Water diving course here in Phuket for me! Got my own instructor, four days of learning and saw lots of cool stuff down there!
    Really nice to meet you too, hope to see you again in the future! Maybe we can go diving in one of your “secret spots” 🙂 Or you can come and try some cold water in Norway one day!

    Kind regards

  7. Muhammad Reza says:

    It has been really a good retreat in Phuket, making a lot of conversations, sharing ideas, and discussing about many things with michael. Michael brings a new perspective and promotes tolerant acting. Talking with him, it’s like you’re talking with your old time friend, you can share your thought with him in any topics, i think our world needs many more person like him,wow.

    I learned many things from him, the things that you can’t find in your Medical school even not in my university.
    Enjoy your time and your life.:D trimeung geunaseh

  8. Abdul Rahman says:

    senang sekali bertemu dengan mr.michael,dia teman yang humoris yang asik diajak bercanda…awalnya bertemu michael di banda aceh,saya kira diya seorang turis biasa,eh rupanya seorang pengacara yg bergelar doktor& instruktur dive.
    sampai di phuket saya & reza di jemput di pelabuhan,trus diajak jalan-jalan ke patong,sungguh kota yang eksotis yang tidak pernah saya lihat sebelumnya,begitu banyak waria yang mirip sekali dengan wanita.
    lelah berjalan kami makan malam di oriental restourant muslim kemudian melanjutkan lagi jalan-jalan hingga larut malam dan kami pulang ke rumah michele…sampai di rumah saya kagum sekali dengan arsitekturnya yang luar biasa,dan saya bercita-cita nanti di indonesia saya akan membuat rumah seperti ini…amin.
    terima kasih mr.michael…
    yin dii tii dai ruu jak(thai lenguage)

  9. Hi Michael,

    Kijk daar hou ik van: een man met een uitermate scherp waarnemingsvermogen. 🙂

    Dankjewel, dit zijn typisch de dingen waar je zelf niet meer op let en over heen kijkt.

    Hartelijke groet,
    Rob van de Meer

  10. Avo says:

    Michael is quite an extraordinary person with a sharp mind and a friendly heart.

    When in his company, you can be sure, that you will have a sincere and friendly person on your side.

    Hospitality and willingness to give his undivided attention are just natural byproducts of having such a personality.


  11. Guy says:

    Thank U for your helpful advises and information on buying property.
    We enjoyed it very much to have that talk with you because there are not many people who can say the things so clear like you did the other day. The world needs more people like that, lol.

  12. Peter says:

    Zelden een dag zo intens beleefd en genoten van alles. Het is hier mooi als een sprookje. Het is heerlijk te zien hoe iedereen inclusief Michael zefl ook geniet en dat bovenal doet me heel erg goed!

  13. Hans says:

    Als ik aankom in CasaSakoo is het park nog sterk in opbouw. Michael heeft een echte pioniermentaliteit. Ik ben sterk onder de indruk van het huis dat zo uit een woonmagazine lijkt te komen. Het is een heerlijk rustgevende plek. ‘sAvonds relaxen op veranda met kabbelend licht van het zwembad is super.

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