Babylon’s flowers

As a Dutchman I speak English. In rural Thailand not so many Thai speak English. As a Dutchman I was asked how to win land, where there was just water. First we had weeks of just being polite to each other and making jokes together. Then the work starts. The only way to communicate something like that is just put it into practice yourself. As we say in Holland “met de voeten in klei” working in the clay yourself. As finishing touch I suggested to plant some flowers. Then you are in Babylon. I speak English and two words Thai to a Thai gardener from the North. His co worker is from Phuket a totally different dialect. He is foreman for Burmese workers. When asking for flowers they put beautiful and strong red leaf plants. Then I suggested a tree and what I got was a beautiful scrub / tree with wonderful flowers. It good not be more beautiful!

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