ActuSail Coaching Diving Sailing in Phuket ThailandCoaching the way it is made for. Just an intense help to improve your performance and acting in a task role situation environment. Get ready for your Next Performance!

High Performance Coaching is a great relaxed & mindful way to prepare yourself for a new Task, a new way to achieve your goals or just to re-boost your capacities. It is a safe way to prepare for a public performance. You can make an inquiry and we will be happy to call you on a landline phone number in the Netherlands and introduce everything you want to know. 

Your coach will tell you what he observes and support you in activating new capacities. All coaching includes safe direct & straightforward feedback from your coach. Key: What can you do with your comfort zone. Order coaching retreat or retraite Options:

A. Legal coaching or Conflict coaching is a half day coaching online or face to face
B. Expat coaching or Executive coaching is a full day High Performance Coaching
C. Week High Performance Coaching Retreat Phuket including 6 nights, lunches/diners accommodation, water sport experiences like Diving or Sailing. Free transport from Phuket International airport Order coaching
D. Feedback on any document or draft response. If you need to produce documents or letters or you want to analyse any document or you want to get feedback on a draft response we can provide you with Legal Feedback

Michael Boelrijk LL.D MA offers a perfect relaxed & mindful combination in his High Performance Coaching. At your Service give feedback or Order your coach

ICRlogo“Michael is quite an extraordinary person with a sharp mind and a friendly heart. When in his company, you can be sure, that you will have a sincere and friendly person on your side. Hospitality and willingness to give his undivided attention are just natural byproducts of having such a personality.” Avo May 2010

“We didn’t have to ask him anything he just saw what needed to be done and did it with a smile! It was not only fun to have him around at a production, all over the country, it is so good to know you can rely on someone who supports you when you need it most.” Peter de Vries, chair DNA.

All these are the unique ActuSail items to combine
+ Inspiring Nature, sea,  sound of waves, unspoiled beach & tranquility of forest
+ Leisure stay in Phuket Naithon NaiYang Beach Andaman Sea & jungle hills
+ Top accommodation with private swimming pool
+ Certify yourself as diver or sailor or refresh your skills
+ Phuket International Airport conveniently just 10minute car ride

Check services to find out if this is the Right Coaching Match. Any coaching deal with Michael is guaranteed by the Dutch registered company in Amsterdam since 1999 and subject to the terms and conditions of the services agreement. Order coaching

Michael loves analyzing just for Fun. Analyze this Bach Toccata & Fugal masterpiece

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