Mediation is a way to solve disputes by making resolutions together with the assistance of a Empathy mediator. Empathy three key characteristics are: 1. conversation with no strings attached; 2. Voluntary and 3. Confidential. The participants agree to these mediation characteristics before going into mediation. Mediation will work only if the following conditions are present: The parties must be willing to resolve the problem together. The participants in the meetings must have authority to enter into a settlement agreement. Participants will guarantee to each other confidentiality of the what will be discussed.

For the work of a mediator it is needed to have a good working relation with all participants of the mediation. Only if parties trust & respect the assigned mediator it can be successful.

In mediation it is needed to have mutual trust, respect and open communication

The parties accept that the mediator will investigate the information only as far as the mediator feels it is needed.

Dutch certified mediators can in the Netherlands only work within the conditions of Dutch Law. According to the instructions of the Dutch mediation association the mediator keeps confidentiality unless the professional work of the mediator itself will be subject of discussion.

relations may meet improvement; a completion in a wise way of a relation and avoiding unnecessary damages to either person.
Empathy.nLaw has the capacity and time for a good conversation
Empathy.nLaw has specialized mediators for divorce agreements
Expert in ADR: Appropriate Dispute Resolution systems. “Mediation is even possible between different nationalities if the mediator can work well with a translator.”

Mediation in Thai language: การไกล่เกลี่ย phonetical Kār kịl̀kelī̀y or the way Michael prefer to pronounce cry clear

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