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Today Dutchman are well known for their water management skills. We make new land everywhere around the world and protect people against water disasters by nature. In the past the Dutch used their knowledge about the sea to reach new lands. The Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie, VOC committed particularly many crimes in Indonesia. Only to stop this crimes around 1950. In the period 1896-1920 around 100.000 people were killed and whole tracts in Atceh were wasted. Governor van Heutsz and Hendrik Colijn committed crimes during the “politionele acties” particularly in Panglima Polem Atceh. It is not more than acceptable that every person I spoke to in Atceh would mention: “that you (Dutchman) were here before”. The grandmother of my friend stated when I left after being their guest for 7 days. “Our ancestors were enemy, you are family” I have no words for the appreciation and endless respect I have for this woman who personally suffered under the Dutch garrison. Not our ancestors but she personally saw criminal Dutchman committing (war)crimes and faced the Dutchman now again and offered warm hospitality.

Historical Reports about crimes committed by Dutchmen in Indonesia:
Oorlogsmisdaden door Nederlanders: http://members.chello.nl/pscheele/oorlogsmisdaden.html

Also the Dutch history in Indie is written in this publication.
Een lezenswaardige geschiedschrijving is ook te vinden via deze link: http://home.claranet.nl/users/arcengel/NedIndie/atjeh.htm

Om deze pagina toch met iets positiefs af te sluiten, de VOC heeft ook schepen gebouwd. Zie http://www.vocsite.nl/schepen/detail.html?id=11743

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