How to connect

All people including myself try to connect to others. Some people find it easy to connect. Either they do it over the internet or just asking to lit their sigaret. In Thailand people don’t ask for a favor. In stead they invite you to join a party or “thaan khao laew reu yang” have you eaten already? If you understand that much of Thai, you sit down and communicate. With a smile you can say a lot. For me I did not find to smile on the internet yet, lol. Thai people are specialized in smiling communication. Those meetings last forever. I enjoy those encounters a lot and try to learn at least one new Thai word and teach two English words. Maybe not the most effective way to learn Thai but connecting to Thai people is much more important. Last weekend I exchanged one line in a time span of 2 hours and still I have a smile on my face 😉 How easy it is to connect by smiling.

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