It is Raining, Hallelujah

It is Raining, Hallelujah! Better appreciate it. In Thailand August is raining season. Everything gets cleaned, fresh & shining. In Holland August is the high summer season so we expect that is dry, sunny & warm. Apparently there are climatological changes. The global warming resulted in a wet raining season in Holland in August. Sail Amsterdam is as Dutch say geheel in het water gevallen meaning falling into the water or not a success. This all depends on your definition of success. I would say that Tallships and sailingboats in general should always be! in the water. Rain gives beautiful rainclouds which makes my Sail2010 pictures so much more beautiful. Rain in Thailand is as beautiful! This is the time of the year that the Rainforest is singing. Sounds no where else to be heard: raindrops percussion on the rainforest canopy, how relaxing.

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