Nature disasters relocater

I am from the Netherlands -what is in the name- we live about 3 meters below sea level. Apart from that we have a low risk for disasters. But how to forecast natural disasters and extreme weather if you become a flying Dutchman? I made good preparations when I went to Berkeley, California. I informed myself what to do when one of those many earthquakes would occur in the San Francisco Bay area. Than I volunteered with the evacuation team for the Oakland Firestorm. I did not experience any earthquake back then until I went home to Amsterdam. I experience the awakening at 3.20 o-‘clock by the only noticeable earthquake in Northern Europe. December 26th, 2004 I decided not to join my friend to PhiPhi but traveled to Chiang Mai where I was awakening at 7.58. Coming from the Netherlands I did not expect getting into trouble by a flood in Thailand. The most lugubrious problem in Thailand is that we run out of water…safe drinking water that is.

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